Lowcountry Technical EI

Fate thwarted again by Lowcountry Technical

Lowcountry Technical EI. It's email insurance for when disaster strikes! With just a few simple changes, we begin routing your email through secure, distributed datacenters. Once in place you can rest assured that hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and even minor power outages will not effect your business communications. As long as you can get to an internet connected computer you will be able to continue sending, receiving, and replying to email. Your customers will not even notice that your primary email server is unavailable. With EI, fate loses it's passion for IT. Contact us to learn more.

Lowcountry Technical EP

Cloud based email protection (EP) for your business.

Are you inviting vampires into your business? Once a vampire has been invited into your business, it renders your business powerless and gives the creature license to return. Undoing an invitation to a vampire is virtually impossible.


Viruses and Spam are vampires to your business.


Lowcountry Technical EP removes viruses and spam before they reach your network. Each email is analyzed by multiple antivirus engines and scrubbed by some of the most effective antispam algorithms ever designed. EP also includes our Email Insurance for when disaster strikes.


Contact us to learn more or, we suppose, you could try stocking up on wooden stakes and holy water.