Lowcountry Technical Remote Monitoring and Management

Are there really enough hours in the day to check dozens of Windows services, hard drives, antivirus, and event logs?


Are your switches, routers, and other network devices monitored?


Are you sure that your backups are completing properly?


Do you know if one of your server's hard drives is failing and if routine maintenance such as clearing temp files from multiple places on each server and defragmenting hard drives is being performed to ensure top performance from your IT investment?


Lowcountry Technical Remote Monitoring and Management does all of this and more. Leave IT to us so that you can get down to business.


In just a few minutes we will install a small, secure software agent on each of your servers and workstations that will immediately begin monitoring, managing, and maintaining. Leave IT to us and we'll manage your devices for you.


Monitoring, Management, Routine Maintenance, and Alerts. All at a remarkably affordable price.