Our Green Initiatives

Lowcountry Technical is dedicated to doing business in a manner that has a low impact on the environment. We hope that by doing so others will follow. Let us share our ideas with you about affordable green initiatives for your business. Call us at (843) 608 1222 to arrange an appointment.


One of our first green initiatives was to choose a web hosting provider that uses technology that minimizes the use of fossil fuels. Through the use of highly efficient power supplies and elimination of unnecessary components within their web servers they consume less energy than many similar datacenters. They offset 100% of the power used by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, the majority of which are sourced from a certified low-impact hydroelectric facility. This means that the page your are reading right now is green.


By their very nature, the economy of scale provided by our cloud-based solutions make us more green than competitors who provide similar services through their local datacenters or via software installed on dedicated servers at your site.


Lowcountry Technical continually seeks ways to further our green initiatives.