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From Victoria in Summerville:

Your remote service saved me the time and expense of driving to a store location as well as the inconvenience of being without my computer had it been dropped off for repairs. I would definitely call upon you again should I need help as well as enthusiastically recommend your services to others.


From Susan in Debordieu, SC:

Everything is working so much better last night & today - thanks to you!!

From an attorney in Summerville:

It has been such a scary experience and I would have completely panicked without your help.


From Steve in Summerville:

Thanks a lot for the help this afternoon.  Phew!  Glad you were available.  You’re awesome.


From Kimberly in North Charleston:

I can not tell you enough how much you have really helped us here in the office! Thank you, you have made my life so much easier to know that I have you to help me. I know taxes and bookkeeping NOT computers. :)


From Mr. Smith in Summerville, SC:

One of the saddest moments in my life was when an onsite backup was flooded out and completely destroyed. If I had some off site backup system in place then, I would still have my wedding & honeymoon pictures. Don't lose the valuable moments in your life. Talk with West to be sure that you have all your backup bases covered. I wish I had known West six years ago!


From Juli in Charleston, SC:

To say that we are happy with your service is an understatement!


From Amy in Charleston, SC regarding performance improvements implemented for her Quickbooks file:

You were not joking about it being faster. Something that has been taking me about two hours to do has only taken me an hour today!!!!!


From Betty in Mount Pleasant, SC:

Thanks for everything. You are a dream to work with. I appreciate the little “tips” as well. Feel lots better knowing you are out there monitoring.


From Laura in Summerville, SC:

My desktop computer is at least 8 years old and was running very slooowwly.  I avoided getting on it because it always took so long to boot up and once it did, it would freeze up, and I would give up and turn it off.  Consequently, I wasn't getting much done.  I e-mailed LowCountry Technical. They accessed my computer remotely and had my computer up and running smoothly within 24 hours!  The viruses that slipped under the radar of my previous antivirus software had not only compromised my ability to use my computer but, most importantly, my internet security.  Thank you for telling me about VIPRE Antivirus and helping to make my computer run faster than it has in years!

From Pam in Pensacola, FL:

I first made contact with Lowcountry Technical when I became frustrated with the speed and performance of my 3 year old computer. It had become significantly slower and frequently froze up when I was placing orders, answering emails or working on Excel spreadsheets. West was easily accessible, clear in his directions, patient, efficient and thorough. He walked me through the steps to take over the phone while I was in front of my computer. He was even capable of running tests on my computer remotely. He provided me with the answers to my questions in easy to understand language. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, you would be well-served by the assistance that Lowcountry Technical offers."